music theatre


AM is a multimedia music theatre concert

two film projections, soprano, clarinet, violin, trombone, double bass, percussion and dual-action toy piano, sound tracks.

Mikae Natsuyama, soprano

composed and directed by Arnoud Noordegraaf

written by Adrian Hornsby

filmed in 21 Tokyo summer nights

inspired by the writings of Haruki Murakami

original premiere: November Music festival NL

revised edition June 2011 Holland Festival NL

photo: Ian Muttoo


photo: Pieter Kers

visit the A.M. facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/AM-multimedia-music-theatre-by-Arnoud-Noordegraaf/109511385780674http://www.facebook.com/pages/AM-multimedia-music-theatre-by-Arnoud-Noordegraaf/109511385780674shapeimage_4_link_0

Full concert video online now

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